No. 45-53 Green Lane

No 45-53 Green Lane is an unlisted former Primitive Methodist Church, now known as Green Lane House. The building is situated at the junction of Green Lane and St. Peter’s Churchyard and is a major landmark within the St. Peter’s and Green Lane conservation area. It was originally constructed in 1878 and designed by the architects Giles & Brookhouse in the Romanesque style. The building is highly decorative in both street-facing elevations, making excellent use of yellow “gault bricks” and terracotta detailing.

During the Twentieth century, significant harmful alterations were made to the building, most notably at ground floor level. Above, there were damaged and concealed windows, deteriorated detailing, and issues with the roof and rainwater disposal systems, including substantial vegetation growth. The remedial works have primarily involved the removal of the render and later accretions, followed by the reinstatement of lost or covered windows, the reinstatement of an appropriate entrance, and repairs to the terracotta, stonework and brickwork detailing, to match the existing. Repairs have also been made to the roof and rainwater disposal systems to prevent future water ingress.

The project was identified as a key priority through the Townscape Heritage Initiative and a grant of £300,000 was offered to undertake the works necessary to improve the building. Prior to the works, the building had been vacant, but is now aimed at functioning as a multi-use arts space.


Gothic House, Barker Gate, Nottingham, NG1 1JU, UK

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